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Strategic Marketing

From conception to fruition, we help you to build your website, attracting customers, increasing revenue and growing your business.

Without customers, you wouldn’t have a business. So, do you know your average customer?

Our strategic marketing service provides a fresh approach to help you understand who is using your website and buying your products.

Find out how we can help increase sales and retain your customers.

Your customers
are your biggest asset

80% of your revenue is likely to come from 20% of your customers

The customers you keep can be expected to spend 10 times more than the ones you lose

The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%
Probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%

“Understanding your customer is the
secret to successful selling”

What makes us different

We use the data our clients collect to talk to customers more personally

Companies using customer data to personalise their marketing show measurable advantages

11% increase in retention
8.1% increase in customer satisfaction

Tailoring marketing to the customer increases transaction rates by up to 6 times

Data is not
a four letter word

79% of businesses believe that customer data will be driving all sales decisions by 2020

9 out of 10 marketers would like to use their data for more effective marketing….but 40% admit they can’t

The average organisation estimates that 22% of all its contact data is inaccurate in some way.

Every year …
37% of business databases ‘decay’
25% of emails ‘deteriorate’
12% of revenue is lost through ‘inaccurate data’

We are expert in helping clients with their data, solving their data problems and growing their business from it

“Data is a marketer’s secret weapon to beating competitors”

Customer insight leads to emails that cut through

Because we understand customers, our strategic marketing is personal and relevant

Shoppers are 56% more likely to buy if emails are tailored
to the products they’re interested in

In fact, 40% of ecommerce customers now prefer
marketing based on purchase history

62% of ecommerce traders are now using personalised
strategies to retain customers and increase sales

Who else is
getting it right?
From global brands to local charities

Nokia has over 1.3bn customers worldwide and understandable challenges dealing with the size and diversity of their customer base. But the "key driver in the organisation is data"

Cleansing their data dramatically inc reased lead generation and "brought order to chaos."

Halfords increased email open rates by 158% with email personalised subject lines, simply by including the customer’s car manufacturer

They also recorded an increase of 124% in engagement with customers who had never previously opened or clicked, increasing conversion by 86%

ASDA analyse customer online sales in order to target specific customers with relevant offers

Targeting offers across ‘loyal’ and ‘non loyal’ customer groups they have increased sales by 20% year on year since 2012

Epson recognised that “Customers demand precise ads, individualised to them”. They put “customers at the centre of all decisions” increased cleansing and data targeting for cross-sell and retention

Clicks per campaign doubled as a result and email revenue increased by 62%

With two-thirds of online customers abandoning baskets, Monsoon used customer data to convert these with targeted, personalised email. Subject lines included product areas and email design was driven by the type of clothing and accessories

Open rates increased by 55%, clicks by 22% and conversions a massive 38%, adding almost 5% of revenue to the business

The information they have about their donors helps the charity communicate with them more personally, raising 6.5m each year

“Understanding the donor and the reasons why they donated enables more personalised engagement with them”

“That little bit of extra personal care actually makes the donor donate again.”

The B2B electrical components supplier was struggling to engage its customers with standardised emails. 48% were unresponsive to newsletter emails and these were targeted with tailored product content to increase engagement

The approach won RS the ‘Digital marketing’ category at the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards that year

Open rates reached 38% and clicks 19% - more than trebling campaign targets.

The contemporary women’s-wear brand required a solution to convert registrations who hadn’t yet purchased (23rds of their databased)

Emails targeted by product interest reactivated almost 50% of customers, generating 25% click rates, accounting for 3.5% of annual revenue

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