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We offer various hosting packages that suit any requirements. Whether you have a simple content managed brochure site or a much more complex eCommerce website. Our options include dedicated, shared or virtual servers depending on your requirements. Hosting is extremely important for the performance and speed of your website so it is essential that you choose an option that will sufficiently meet the needs of your online business. A slow website can make a huge difference and could even lose you sales if the speed isn’t up to scratch!

Our options include:

Shared Servers – top quality hosting for an affordable price offering you space on a shared server

Dedicated Servers – your very own server, meaning it can be optimised however you wish and is great for those bigger websites where more resource is essential for a smoother ride.

Virtual Servers – A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a dedicated server that is separated in to “virtual” computers.
Each virtual computer on a server has its own operating system and can not interact in any way with any of the other virtual servers running on it.

All offering 24/7 monitoring, proactive disaster recovery, state of the art secure UK based data centres, server management, firewall, and incremental backups keeping your data safe.

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