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November 30, 2015

How To Increase Your Website Traffic

How To Increase Your Website Traffic

With a 24 hour marketplace, an online presence is a great way to increase customers, driving them to your website to buy your products, provide their details or request your services. To maximise your presence and increase your website traffic, there are a number of channels you can use to help people find you. Use our guide to find out how to get noticed online.



Crucial to your site getting noticed online is the content you provide. If your text is not subject specific and relevant, viewers will be quick to leave your site, having a detrimental effect on your rankings and bounce rate. As the saying goes, ‘Content is King’.


Top Tips

  • Use subheadings to break up your content so it is easy to read
  • Choose a keyword and ensure you use it in your content. For example, a page of 300 words should feature your keyword around 3 times.




Every time you write a new blog post for your website it is one more indexed page, each time maximising your opportunity to appear on search engine results and increase your website traffic. Interacting with potential customers is also a great way to encourage trust and increase the chance to convert them.


Top Tips

  • Posting blogs is a great chance to promote any news you may have or new products that feature on your site.
  • Channel your personality through your copy, add some humour and allow your audience to feel connected.



Social Media

Social media is a great tool to engage with your audience and find out what they really think. Not only does social media open a variety of channels to increase your website traffic but the fact that it costs nothing to use means that more and more businesses are using it to generate leads, with Facebook being the top choice for B2C companies.


Top Tips

  • Consider carefully the best social media channels for your business, whilst Facebook may be suitable for some companies, a platform such as LinkedIn may suit others better.
  • Post regularly and use hashtags to connect like-minded people with your business.




Essentially, a backlink is an incoming link to a website or web page. Linking back from other sites to your site is a huge influencing factor for SEO but it is important to build this up organically. Cutting corners by purchasing backlinks is punishable with low search rankings and will be detrimental to your online presence.


Top Tips

  • Build relationships with trustworthy, recognised websites and explore opportunities to contribute to their site with content or advice.
  • When offering to guest post on sites, ensure that their site has a good domain authority and is reputable. Associating with a company who has bad links can have the adverse effect to the intended goal.



Our guide provides just a few ways to increase your website traffic. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss our range of services including digital marketing, contact us today.

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After 16 years in the marketing industry, Julian set up his own company as a one man operation. Verve is now over 11 years old and has evolved from predominantly working with print, to a full service digital agency supported by an experienced, professional team.

In his spare time, Julian can be found scaling the hills the Shropshire, often followed by 3 smaller versions of himself!

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