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September 11, 2017

A Month In Search: August 2017

Another month has passed in the world of search and a lot has changed. Verve has rounded up some highlights from August 2017.


Local Pack Matching Search Query Notification

Google is testing out a new feature for local pack results. The new feature highlights a local search pack result if their website content and the search query matches. Google is currently only testing this feature but already we can see big benefits to click through rates. Google highlights the search pack result by added the following text underneath the result; Their website mentions [search query]. The below example is a screenshot taken recently by Matt Schexnayder of Sparefoot.


google local search pack search query mentions | verve



HTTP Pages With Forms Will Be Marked As Non Secure By Google

On August 17th 2017 Google sent email notifications to all Google Search Console users to notify them about an impending http non secure warning message that will be displayed on all http webpages containing input fields. This effects a huge portion of websites online today, with nearly every website containing a least a contact form on a contact us page. The non secure http warning message appears in Chrome 62 browsers and officially starts in October 2017. The warning message will be displayed in url bar to the left of the website address.

Verve recently wrote a blog article detailing the new http non secure warning message for pages containing input fields. Click the link to read more.



Adwords Mobile Assessment Tool Rolls Out

Earlier this year, during Google’s Marketing Next event, the search giant announced a tool to help advertisers improve spot potential for improvements in mobile performance. The new tool has now moved out of beta and roll out has begun. The feature will allow advertisers to analyse individual urls for mobile friendliness by identifying site URLs that drive the most clicks. The new feature reports the Mobile-Friendly Click Rate (MFCR) which is a percentage of mobile clicks arriving from smartphone devices that land on a mobile-friendly page.


google mobile landing page test

Image credit:




Google Adwords Sitelinks Moves From 4 To 8 For Tablet And Mobile

Back in June 2017 Google released tappable sitelinks for mobile which allowed searchers to scroll through sitelinks in a carousel type format. See example below;



Image credit:


Previously these sitelinks were not interactive and text would be cut off within the last sitelink in many cases. Google has already reported positive results for the new format which shows in some cases a 50% uplift in interaction with the sitelinks following the new formatting.



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