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April 12, 2019

Why Employing an Agency Could Benefit Your Business

In today’s rapidly changing world the need to be ahead of the trend when it comes to running your business is more important than ever.

Marketing is an essential part of building a successful business and getting it right can be much harder than you think. Online and offline marketing provide promotion and advertisement of what you have to offer and will help to create a strong brand image and recognition.

Hiring a marketing agency can have many benefits over hiring someone in house. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that instructing an agency for your marketing needs is a smart move.



An agency will bring a whole wealth of experience that one person may not have. Not only will they have a team of professionals experienced in their own particular areas but these individuals will focus on that one area, perfecting it. Rather than an individual having to multi-task and juggle various skills to produce a sub standard result.

They will also have the experience of working across many different accounts and campaigns and can use their knowledge and experience to perfect your own marketing campaign. An agency is an incredibly creative place with ideas constantly being bounced around and their prime focus is to get results for your business through the campaigns they create.


An outsider’s perspective

An agency can take a step back and look at your business and marketing needs with a fresh pair of eyes. It is sometimes difficult to see what your company needs and an agency will be able to look at new routes and approaches to helping you achieve your targets.



Never underestimate the connections that an agency will have with printers, media and other businesses. They will be able to secure better deals for you and get better rates. They will also have a vast range of software that comes at a pretty high cost which they will use to track, monitor and report on your success so you can accurately see your ROI.


Ahead of the curve

Agencies will always have the latest insights and knowledge of the newest trends and technologies. This knowledge is vital in enabling you to push your business forward and give it the extra edge it may need to succeed.


And most importantly – TIME IS PRECIOUS

Outsourcing your marketing needs means you will have more time to focus on other business matters that are demanding attention. An agency should be able to work faster and more competently, due to the experience and the skill sets that they hold. They will ultimately save you money, time, and you will get a great deal more from your investment.

So, why not leave it to the professionals! Instructing an agency will reduce your marketing worries and stress. You can also relax knowing that your marketing needs are in the safe hands of professionals.

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Holly Doyle-Wilday
Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media Management
Brand Management
Email Marketing

Holly is Verve's Digital Marketing Manager and has over 8 years experience within the industry working across a variety of sectors. Holly specialises in strong copywriting skills, social media, email marketing and brand management. Her passion is finding new and unexpected routes to promote and advertise businesses.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking, running with her two collies and exploring the countryside with friends and family.

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