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Magento design and build guided by eCommerce experts


Magento is the world leader in high performance, scalable eCommerce solutions. Boasting powerful out of the box features supported by an incredible range of extensions for additional functionality, it is a flexible and adaptable solution designed from the outset to deliver exceptional customer experience and convert browsers into buyers.

Our creative team and technical experts work with you to achieve your goals and push your Magento eCommerce business forward. We strive for perfection and excellence and understand that growing your business is the ultimate aim.


Our process begins with strategic planning. An experienced Magento account handler will work closely with you to analyse your business model and future objectives to identify your unique eCommerce requirements.

Working closely with our team of Designers and Magento Certified Developers, we will then investigate the best way to achieve your objectives and establish specific project deliverables and deadlines to maximise ROI.

Your dedicated eCommerce account handler will then maintain close contact with you throughout the lifecycle of your project to ensure that we continue to meet your needs from conception through to implementation.


Designing your website will always take into account a number of factors, in particular, who your customers are and what they want from your website.

Our digital marketing team is heavily involved in our design phase to ensure that not only the customer journey is considered but also proven, strategic design methods are applied to assist with your marketing after the launch of your website.

Targeted Solutions

Once you have approved the designs, our team of experienced, Magento Certified Developers will begin the process of converting our initial concept into a fully functional site. At the same time, our Digital Marketing team will begin working on the process of optimising your site for search engines to ensure that it is as prominent as possible and attracts the right traffic.

Your eCommerce solution will be built with custom code that is clean, compliant and fully tested, creating an effective and reliable site that stands the test of time. The final result is an eye-catching and powerful site that attracts visitors and drives conversion.


At Verve, we have almost a decade of experience in building successful eCommerce websites, and have seen many a trends come and go. But one thing that looks set to stay is the Magento eCommerce platform.


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