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31 Jul 2019
A Month in Search July
This month we have been busy working on new website launches and new Google Ads campaigns, however,…
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09 Aug 2019
The New Two Factor Payment Regulation
  There is a new EU regulation coming into action which has been brought about to tackle fraud.…
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23 Jul 2019
Why Video is a Great Way to Promote Your…
  Using videos to promote your business can be a fantastic tool, businesses everywhere are now…
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02 Sep 2019
Why PR is Essential for Small Businesses 
  One of the best ways of getting new business when you are just starting out is by creating…
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30 Jun 2019
A Month in Search June
This month we have been working flat out on new website launches and new Google Ad campaigns for…
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05 Jul 2019
Magento vs Shopify
We have outlined some of the main reasons why Magento is a better, smarter choice than Shopify.
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31 May 2019
A Month in Search – May
This month we have had a busy month conducting free search engine optimisation (SEO) audits for…
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11 Jun 2019
The Importance of SEO
We are always talking about SEO here at Verve, but just how important is it for your online…
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04 Jun 2019
Build a Better Brand Image for Your Business
  We all know the importance of reputation and why it is important to have a brand that is…
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03 May 2019
Why Blogging is Important for Your Business
We love blogging here at Verve HQ and we know how important it is to grow your business, but do you?…
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25 Apr 2019
Google Update their GoogleBot   Google have been making changes to update their GoogleBot to…
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16 Apr 2019
Rowen Barbary work with Verve on a Digital…
Rowen Barbary have been working with Verve for over 10 years and they approached the team with the…
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