A bespoke Wordpress multisite for a leading Cable Software Manufacturer designed to support the company's continued international growth

About This Project

Having reached a plateau in their online growth, Cimteq contacted Verve to discuss the possibility of a new website that allowed multilingual translations including a Chinese website managed separately to allow for optimisation on Baidu (China's version of Google).

The resulting website was designed to stay in keeping with the existing brand colours whilst introducing other colours for clear identification of the separate products and offer a clear user journey that reflects on an increase in conversions on the Book a Demo page.
Our aim in developing the new website was to create a strategic, bespoke modern website. The theme of the new website has been designed on a more futuristic and technical style to reflect our niche and professional identity. We wanted to make the website more user friendly and easy to navigate. We are thrilled with the results. Thanks again to the team at Verveā€.

Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq
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