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International Association of Style CoachesĀ®

A new website created for International Association of Style Coaches so members can update personal information and access resources.

About This Project

The Institute Association of Style Coaches approached Verve with the task of building them an entirely new website that would be user friendly with a smart and sleek look to reflect the professional image of the company and what they have to offer.

The site was created so that individuals who have passed the Style Coaching Institute Course or are currently studying it, could access resources and sign up to become a member for an annual or monthly subscription fee.

It was also designed so that members of the IASC can log in and create a profile and then update information about themselves which is then accessible to people searching for a style coach. A section was created called Find a Style Coach where users are able to enlist the help of the search function to narrow it down by country, accreditations or membership.

Verve worked on creating an incredibly user friendly website that meant whether you are a member or simply someone searching for a Style Coach it is easily navigated and all the relevant information is available immediately.

The IASC is a way for individuals to certify themselves as a Style Coach, allowing them to give themselves authenticity and enabling them to push their business forward and to be part of a like-minded community which offers support and advice.

Members are able to select different levels of membership, view videos and tutorials and edit their personal information, using the simple and straightforward interface.

The website also boasts success stories and a news section so that anyone who may be considering becoming a member can be assured that they are making the correct choice and easily gather information to help them sign up.

The look and feel of the website was kept clean, professional and slick. To take a look for yourselves visit here International Association of Style Coaches

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