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Timber Art Design

Magento 2 website for Timber Art Design, a B2B furniture company venturing on eCommerce

About This Project

Timber Art Design approached Verve with the vision to launch a new eCommerce website that would enable them to showcase their products to their B2B client base and allow them to purchase online. This was an exciting new venture for Timber Art Design and the team at Verve were more than happy to be a part of the journey. The company wanted a website that would reflect their impressive catalogue of products. It needed to be smart, visual and user friendly.

Verve opted for a Magento 2 platform that allows TAD to control the prices they offer to multiple customer groups and allowing them to provide tier pricing. Traders can login into their account to view the prices as well as purchase products and gain access to a variety of product information, images and the downloads area.

Bespoke forms were created throughout the site to allow TAD to collect extra information during the account creation process as well as facilitate users with product damages and missing products forms.

Verve created a clean, user friendly site with the aim of increasing conversions. The site features clear images of TAD products allowing the company to showcase their products in a smart and effective way. The homepage banners reflect the different ranges that the company offer and help to direct the user towards the most popular TAD products.

The outcome of this project was a smart, simple, clean design with an in-depth customer portal that met all of Timber Art Design’s needs. To check out the website itself visit Timber Art Design

We worked closely with Verve on this project and were impressed throughout at their attention to detail and fast responses to any queries that we had.

For TAD, a website of this kind was something that we hadn't ever had before, so we were excited and apprehensive at the same time. The bespoke Magento 2 platform that Verve created for us was produced to a high standard and within record time! We would definitely recommend Verve to anyone looking for a new Magento 2 site!

Yoan Wong

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