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Style Coaching Institute – Testimonial

Over the last 13 years, our business has evolved and grown steadily, to the point where we now have clients in 83 countries around the world and provide live events in the UK, Singapore, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand and Australia. Being a family-run company, we tried our best to manage as many tasks ‘in house’ as possible, including creating our own websites using generic templates with ‘drag and drop’ functionality that required us to have no IT knowledge or expertise. While this served us reasonably well in the past, we began to see more and more evidence that our growth was being hindered by issues caused by our clear lack of knowledge and professional skills in web-design and web-development.

We had problems like slow loading speeds, website downtime, customers complaining about not being able to submit forms, poor performance from our CPC marketing, and other issues like not having security certificates installed on all our sites. We had no-one to turn to for website support and although we tried to resolve these issues ourselves, we realized that we had neither the time nor the proper expertise to deal with it professionally. We got to the point where we felt that our business was losing out and not reaching its full potential because we had been trying to manage and control everything ourselves instead of outsourcing and delegating to experts. As well as being a hindrance to our growth, these issues were also a source of considerable stress and anxiety. We began to research digital marketing / web-development companies who might be able to come on board with us and help us to breakthrough the issues that were limiting our potential, and I sent emails to a few such companies to start a conversation.

My first emails to other companies were not even answered… This wasn’t a great start. When I first contacted Verve, I was immediately offered excellent assistance and a face-to-face meeting to discuss our needs. The meeting went really well – Sarai and Julian gave me great confidence in their professionalism and I felt that they listened and understood what we were looking to achieve. They were approachable and friendly, and didn’t put any pressure on me to make decisions. I went away, and while they prepared an initial proposal, I continued my research and contacted several of their past clients to gain a clear picture of whether this was a team we could trust! Everyone I spoke to helped to reassure me that Verve would not let me down, that they were an ethical company with high professional standards, who delivered on their promises, offered fair pricing, and who demonstrated excellent skills when given complicated and challenging projects.

The independent feedback was nothing short of ‘glowing’. The team offered us a second meeting, and spent an enormous amount of time answering our many questions. They were patient and understanding that this was a big decision for us. We chose Verve because the combined team of Sarai, Julian, Mark and Mike seem to have all the skills and expertise to help us achieve our vision, and also that they seem to be trustworthy and nice people to deal with. Their communication and follow-up is excellent and gives us a lot of confidence in the success of the long-term relationship between our companies. We are delighted to have found Verve and excited to begin working together. We can’t wait to start this new chapter and feel that with Verve we are definitely in ‘safe hands’!

Kate Redmond
Style Coaching Institute

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