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February 14, 2019


We have some important news about our Domain!


We have taken the decision to change our domain name extension from the .EU domain to the .CO.UK domain, mainly due to our customer base being predominantly from the UK but also due to the vote of the British public on the 23rd June 2016.  We have used our current .EU domain since our foundation so we are a bit sad to see it go. There are ways around it though, so if you do have one, don’t feel that because we are changing you have to. We felt though, given our business is predominantly in the UK, we will be better served having a .CO.UK domain.

Once we made the decision to change our domain, we started the process of looking for an appropriate name change. We wanted a domain which would be future proof, but also with a nod to our Verve roots. So without further ado.. we are pleased to announce that as of next month our new web domain will be …


We have already started the process of transferring our emails, which have all been tested and are up and running!. The official transfer date for us to go live with the changes is on the 1st of March 2019. You will not need to do anything regarding contacting us as our old email addresses will redirect to our new domain, but if you would like to update your address book you can do so now!


Here are some of our key email contacts below:

Managing Director: Julian Smout:
Technical Director: Mark Hambley:
Accounts: /

If you would like to know more about how websites in the UK with a .EU domain extension will be affected after Brexit, read our latest blog post here

Julian Smout
Managing Director
Project Manager
Website Solution Specialist
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Print Management
Email Marketing
t: 01743 360000

After 16 years in the marketing industry, Julian set up his own company as a one man operation. Verve is now over 11 years old and has evolved from predominantly working with print, to a full service digital agency supported by an experienced, professional team.

In his spare time, Julian can be found scaling the hills the Shropshire, often followed by 3 smaller versions of himself!

  1. 01743 360 000