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February 23, 2018

Magento 2- Get The Lowdown

The Basics

Back in 2015, Magento 2 was launched with the promise that it would allow for a more streamlined, faster shopping experience. Performance was at the forefront of considerations when Magento 2 was developed and following a period of learning, most agencies will now only build on Magento 2 (not Magento 1.x).

Ensuring that you locate a suitable partner for your website development, particularly a Magento 2 migration is integral in ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. Having successfully launched a number of Magento 2 websites, Verve are perfectly positioned to help you with this process.

Why Should I Upgrade?

Considered as the top eCommerce solution , Magento 2 has thought of both the trader and the customer in its developers from Magento 1.x.

Admin Interface

In comparison to Magento 1.x, the admin area of Magento 2 has a much clearer, organised menu system allowing for straightforward navigation and updates of products or text.

Shopping Experience

The customer experience in Magento 2 has been improved through overall performance and feature enhancements. In an effort to reduce abandoned carts, Magento 2 checkout provides less steps and a higher level of customisation.

Loading Time

Magento claims that websites in Magento 2 will load up to 50% faster than Magento 1.x versions. This can only be a positive when Google has indicated that site speed is one of the signals used to rank pages.

Full page Caching

In order to reduce loading time, full page cache is extremely beneficial to a website. This feature is particularly important for avoiding downtime during periods of high traffic

Future Proofing

As with all website platforms, for security purposes, updates become available. Magento 2 has been built to allow for an easier upgrade process than Magento 1.x. This can only be a positive in assisting companies with ensuring their websites are secure.

Tidy up and Streamline Processes

Unnecessary licenses and add-ons can affect load time on your website. A migration to Magento 2 provides a perfect opportunity to perform housekeeping on your website. In addition to removing unneeded extras, there may be other functionality that would assist with your businesses goals and processes.

When Should I Upgrade?

Whilst there is no official cut off date as yet, there will come a time in next few years that Magento 1.x becomes unsupported. This will affect security of the site and should you have add on licenses, these will no longer be support if they break.

During the early stages, a lot of Magento 1.x extensions were not available for Magento 2 websites, however, now the majority are.

It is recommended that in order to stay at the forefront of innovation, design and security, an upgrade be considered a high priority. New features of Magento 2 also offer excellent benefits to the merchant, all designed to increase conversions.

If however, you have experienced technical difficulties or feel your site could benefit from a UX audit/facelift, now would be a good time to upgrade to Magento 2.

How Much Work Is Involved?

Whilst an ‘upgrade’ is not as straightforward as it sounds, in that there is no switch to flick, a lot of data can be retained by migration and time saved by sourcing the skills of developers. As with all our websites, each migration to Magento 2 will have bespoke requirements depending on the existing website.

So, What Next?

At Verve, our team have experience across both Magento 1.x and also Magento 2, having recently launched some brand new builds. If you’d like to discuss an upgrade of your website, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys buggy running, helping out at our local Junior parkrun and writes her own parenting-based blog.

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