Magento 1 has now reached end of life and is unsupported.

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Magento 1 End of Life Support

Verve can help you mitigate potential hacks

Put safeguards in place to protect your Magento 1 site against future attacks

Magento 1 end of life is here, and some merchants have made the decision NOT to upgrade. But what can you do to protect your site from future hacks now that Magento has ended support for Magento 1? 

Verve can help. To assist our clients that are still on Magento 1, we have adapted our security retainer to help prevent your site succumbing to hackers.

Magento Certified Developer

What we do to protect your site

Website Scanning & Detection

We monitor your site for hacks and blacklisting, ensuring that we are ahead of the game with any potential dangers

Server Side Scanner

We constantly scan your site to ensure that we can detect any issues quickly. We carry out Conditional Malware Detection & Continuous Monitoring


We protect your site from hacks and attacks. Brute Force Protection. DDoS Attack Mitigation. Malware & Hack Prevention


We respond quickly and effectively to any attacks, ensuring damage limitation. We repair and restore hacked websites before it harms your reputation


We safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database. We restore your site completely. Websites with security warnings lose 95% of their traffic. We submit blacklist removal requests on your behalf


SEO spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Make sure your website looks right in search engines

Read on for more information on why you should protect your Magento 1 site
Support for Magento 1 has now ended, and sites are at risk
Don't put your business at risk by not implementing safeguards

Prevent Future Attacks

Our security retainers are designed to keep your business and your website safe. For a fixed fee per year we can protect your website against future hacks and you can gain peace of mind by securing all your websites. Our website firewall (WAF) blocks attacks by filtering malicious traffic. We stop hacks and speed up your site.

  • Protect your website against future hacks
  • Fixed fee per year

Be Proactive

Each month we take a proactive approach to monitoring and cleansing your site to ensure no malicious code is installed on your site that could lead to potentially crippling fines from multiple organisations (ICO, Payment Gateways, Credit Card providers etc).

There is an ever increasing need to be more vigilant when it comes to the security of your site, so why not let us handle that for you. It may not be the time for you to move to Magento 2 but it certainly is the time to protect your assets.

  • Proactive approach to monitoring and cleansing
  • Protect your assets

What can I do to help?

A Verve Security Retainer is a positive step to protect your site and your customers’ data (and will go a long way in convincing PCI auditors that you are trying to protect your customers data), however we can not guarantee 100% coverage of all possible intrusions and site security should be an embedded process of your entire business and not an afterthought.

  • We help to protect your site and your customers' data
  • Site security should be embedded throughout your business
We can help protect your site
Our results speak for themselves. Take a look below
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  • Bespoke Magento 2 website design & development for AO Collects, a new online recycling store.
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  • Branding and a Magento 2 site for a recently launched lifestyle company offering ethically sourced products from local suppliers and talented artisans in America and Australia
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